Com Links represents its backend production facilities in India that has over a decade of experience in the Information Technology Industry in India including over a year in data digitization services.
Our physical infrastructure is set up in over 10,000 square feet of space in four offices in one of the most industrial and commercial state in India. Our data entry facilities are equipped with over 170 seats … allowing us to service our customers without relying on other service providers.
Our in-house digitization facility ensures that we directly provide the services to our clients - thus eliminating multiple tiers of service providers for you. The people working on our projects are full time trained professionals to increase quality and accuracy of our work.
We have the team of software developers, data managers and network engineers to support our infrastructure, thus giving us complete control on our operations and services we provide to our clients.
Our engineering facility has staff of over 75 design engineers with extensive experience in civil, electrical and mechanical fields. Our infrastructure with 38 workstations for drafting work enables us to cater to large volume of work by our clients. We have so far executed engineering design projects in Transportation (roads & bridges), Irrigation, Water Management, Environmental industries, and mechanical and electrical designs for large public and private sector clients.
What is more, our full-time presence in the U.S. allows us to offer you easy accessibility and increases communication effectiveness between Com Links and its customers - a critical factor for any remote outsourcing work. It is our plan to increase our key personnel that can act as effective liaison between our clients and production facility … thus taking our clients' worries away on operational activities and let them focus on what truly matters to them.

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