For well managed and forward looking organizations, Cost reduction or Saving does not imply cutting corners, but rather finding innovative and efficient ways to reduce costs.
A typical CD-ROM holds roughly 13500 pages of data. Using PDF approximately 90,000 pages fit on the same disk. Converting reference documentation into digitized files save space, expensive construction and maintenance costs of the facilities to store the archived documents. Much less resources are required to maintain, track and safe-keep the archived data without running the risk of ruining the paper quality, fire, dampness or any other external calamities.E-Books and Data conversion are the classic examples of practical applications of Digitization.
The same scale for the storage space is applicable to drawings while worked on AUTOCADD. It saves valuable resources, helps keep accurate and reliable information in critical infrastructure. Even more critically, any correction in future can be carried out on the softcopies and made available.
User friendly storage and retrieval also substantially reduces the costs of updates, designs and engineering; especially in case of infrastructure related fields such as communications, transportation, electric and water utilities, buildings and urban planning.
  Digitization : Publishing   Digitization : Transactional Data   Digitization : Drafting
Digitization in Publishing is the process of converting hard copy material such as books, journals, etc. into digitized versions. Digitization of business or transactional data is the process of converting paper based data into electronic software based database. Digitization as applicable to drafting process includes converting paper based prints. Blue prints into mechanized drawings.

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