:: Digitization : Drafting of Engineering Drawings and Records
Digitization as applicable to drafting process includes converting paper based prints. Blue prints, hand made sketches into mechanized drawings on commonly used software platforms such as AUTOCADD and others. Such material is either scanned using high resolution scanning devices or mailed to our production facility. Our skilled drafts people prepare the digitized drawings and submit them over data line or on CD-ROM.
  Specific applications in this area include.
Creation of current mechanized drawings by merging existing prints
Creation of soft drawings and bid packages
Creation of compact layout or escape routes for fire and life safety purposes
Township records for various infrastructure layouts - Roads, streets, etc.
Other utilities infrastructure drawings - water distribution, sewer network, electrical, telecommunications and gas pipe lines, etc.
  Benefits of Digitizing Engineering and Infrastructure Drawings:
  Digitized drawings can be used for all future projects; thus reducing engineering costs on all future projects. More critically, it improves cycle-time of a typical engineering project. The combined impacts of both can payback the digitization effort quickly.
  In case where merging of drawings that depict originally constructed facilities or plants, and projects that were deployed over duration of many years causing alterations in original layouts, we use our engineers to overlay the changes on the original prints and thus arrive at the most current plans in digital format. This eliminates confusing task of determining current status of the facility during ongoing projects.

" Architectural work is going global, too. A large engineering and consulting company based in California employs 1200 engineers and draftsmen in India and other countries to turn layouts of giant industrial facilities into detailed specs and blueprints. The CEO of California parent states that the U.S. companies can turn this into a core competitive advantage. "

- Business Week February 3, 2003.


" It is not just an advantage for big players. A San Francisco based architect farms out work on their homes selling from modest $300,000 and upwards. The company fires off 2-dimensional sketches to their architect in Budapest. Two days later, they get back blueprints and 3-D computer models that they deliver to the contractor. "


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