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Outsourcing is globalization's next wave-and the one of the biggest trend reshaping the global economy. All kinds of knowledge work can be done almost anywhere.

"The real advantage is that we can tap the world's best talent"

- Dee Miller, Vice-President,
   GE Medical Global Supply Chain
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For well managed and forward looking corps., cost reduction or Saving does not imply cutting corners, but rather finding innovative and efficient ways to reduce costs.   
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Multi disciplinary engg. consulting company with over 75 plus staff members that include highly qualified and experienced engineers .   
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The U.S. will see a net gain from this shift-as with previous globalization waves. By sending routine services and engineering tasks to nations with surplus of educated workers, the U.S. labor force and capital can be redeployed to higher-value industries and cutting-edge R&D; to work on next wave of U.S. innovation that will come from fusion of software, nanotech, and life sciences.

"By spurring economic developments in other nations, U.S. companies will have bigger markets for their goods and services"

- Business Week February 3, 2003
Providing Services for Custom Softwares such as Inventory Management, Financial Management, Broker and Para banking back office accounting systems etc. Also provide services in Accounting and Financial Transactions Recording & Analysis, Tax Preparations, Book Keeping Services, Financial & Management Reporting,
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