For all businesses the modern day challenges have grown in both number and complexity. Companies are under performance pressure from all stakeholders. Investors demand forever improving financial performance - while competitive, legal and political environment makes everything more complex and expensive.
Business managers are facing significant changes taking place in today's marketplace. In order to continue to growth, they must re-examine how they do business in order to find way to do things faster, better and with least cost. This brings back the key concept of knowing corporations Core Competency and staying focused on it. They need to "Do what they are good at doing and leave the rest to others"!
Conventional strategies revolve around traditional cost reduction means such as fine tuning pricing, cutting costs and cutting services. These strategies fall short because they offer short-term solutions. While they may be effective in producing immediate tangible results, they impose long term damage to company's survivability.
The proactive and effective organizations, however, use innovative and efficient ways to reduce costs. They opt for the technology-enabled solutions that lead to long term benefits. Outsourcing of non-strategic operations is one such solution. When it comes to deploying such innovative strategies, they also know that it is critical to stay on the leading edge of change to fully capitalize on the benefits.
" 40% of America's top 1000 companies will at least have an overseas pilot project underway in two years. The real off-shore push will not come until 2010 when global white-collar sourcing practices will be a standard. However, until then the cost advantages will be a standard factor. Those who will lead the pack by being on the leading edge of the wave will harvest the maximum benefits of the opportunity. "
What this means is for companies is to recognize that pressure on productivity is here to stay, and so is Globalization of talent pool. When looking to tap global talent pool, companies need an outsourcing partner with core competencies in area of your organization's peripheral activities.
The critical success factors of outsourcing partnership depend upon answers to several questions. For example, does this company own its own resources to support the tasks you plan to give them? Do they have access to talent pool market in the area they are located? The leadership and management experience of the management team in the partner's organization? Can they communicate effectively?
  Some benefits of successful partnerships include:
Shared business goals
Access to more resources and talent
New process-focused solutions
Ability to compete more effectively
More business opportunities
The reality is that the outsourcing partnerships are here to stay and are an absolute necessity in today's global business climate. Under such circumstances we in Com Links offer one such partnership solution. Backed by solid management team and resource pool, we can provide remote outsourcing services in four major areas:
Electronic publishing
Data digitization
Drawing digitization (Drafting)
  Engineering and Consultancy Services
  Accounting and Financial operations
  Software Development

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