:: Digitization : Publishing
Digitization in Publishing is the process of converting hard copy material such as books, periodicals, journals, news papers, and other documents into digitized or electronic versions. The converted material is published over Internet or as CD-ROM for following applications.
  Specific applications in this area include.
E-Books for commercial material
E-Books for out-of-print or out-of-copy right books
E-Books for rare and books of historical value
Electronic archives of published material for future use and/or reference
Yellow pages, commercial or trade directories, Membership lists
Computer Based Training CD-ROMs
Marketing lists
Material Specifications Data Sheets (MSDS)
Training, Operating or Maintenance manuals
  Benefits of Digital Publishing:
  Converting material into digitized files saves publishing costs, expensive construction and maintenance costs of the facilities to store the published material. Much less resources are required to maintain, track and safe-keep the archived data without running the risk of ruining the paper quality, fire, dampness or any other external factors.
While the economics are driving the businesses towards digitizing their products and services, demand of reading material in electronic format has been on the rise as laptops are getting more efficient and light weight. This demand will be fueled even more with advent of Tablet PCs.
This will have key use in educational applications. Computer Based Training (CBT) or Lecture material can be produced over CDs. The material can be used by colleges and universities for course deliveries which are conventionally distributed as paper copies in tabbed binders.

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