ComLinks LLC is in the record management and digitization services since 1999, we have been offering to engineering firms with large format prints and CAD works, are now covering the documents and electronic records archiving and creating electronic repository. Having served large engineering corporations in the past now expanding its horizons. We are now offering data storage services in the safe and secured environment for the safety of corporate documents. Producing them when required in the electronic format or arranging physical delivery as per requirement.
ComLinks LLC not only follows a legal International Standard on records management, ISO 15489:2001 or DOD5015.2 and also has certified and years of experienced staff. ComLinks along with group of six different companies from different parts of world comes together to provide your business a better Records and Information management.
    Records Management
  In today’s world, businesses have millions of paper records and further more electronic records, all of which must be managed with compliance, Legal Exposure, privacy, security, disaster recovery (man made or Natural), access to information, space efficiency and one most important aspect to keep in mind is cost control.  
  ComLinks provides records storage, retrieval, delivery and pick-up services for companies and government agencies, as well as the financial, medical, banking and legal communities. Records are stored at secured service centers where Comlinks team members retrieve boxes or individual files as requested by our clients. Comlinks operates 365 days per year. Records are normally delivered the next day & emergency delivery options are also available. Compare our services with Iron Mountain or any national level company offering such services.  
  ComLinks operates as an extension to your existing file room or storage area by providing:  
Digitize physical records-all sizes and forms
Secure, confidential document storage
Efficient retrieval of records
Next-day & emergency deliveries
The highest level of customer service in the industry
  We manage your records inventory through computer software and our software tracking system. Once records are scanned into our database and placed into storage, our customers access their records inventory and submit retrieval requests via the Internet. Our software tracking system, trained team members and efficient customer service program help ensure error-free records deliveries to our customers.  

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