Images of paper documents using scanners or multifunction printers are stored for compliance to the record management regulations. The images are usually not allowed for any modifications to maintain integrity of records. The images are stored in the repository or tailor-made software of the organization.
ComlinksLLC provides the capturing of the image in almost any format that client wants and is stored precisely according to file type. The images of all types and sizes can be merged in the folder for ease of access. Small notes or e-mails and large drawings with marked sketches or approval notes can be in the single folder.
The archived documents are indexed to make the retrieval most user friendly at the same time maintaining the access control through secured software.   Track electronic documents or search is made easy by indexing the captured records. At times OCR is used to index structured documents while all non structured documents are manually entered in the repository.
ComlinksLLC provides bar-coding in physical records management, which describes the content in the box, its position, and important data (when and who had retrieved the content) in the box. This helps maintain security and privacy in the storage.
Archiving of inactive records is extremely important. Physical records can be converted into Electronic for ease of access and safety from natural and other disasters. The records that are already in electronic form need to go through proper archival process for it to become a record.
ComlinksLLC offers digitizing and archiving of records with minimal cost and time. Scanning and data entry is done by trained and experienced staff with proper security and carried out on top priority. Once the record has been archived it can only be retrieved by authorized personnel and that too in ‘read-only’ format.
  Accessing information that has been stored physically is just a fax or an email away, to keep the document as supporting of the event is essential but keeping the document longer than stipulated time frame is also harm full to the organization. Hence setting up the well defined retention schedule is as important as maintaining secured documents. Complying with the regulatory requirements and timely disposal of documents (i.e. destroying or archiving) must be implemented.  
  ComlinksLLC’s retention policy is set according to the International Standard on records management, ISO 15489:2001. However, the retention of records can be decided prior to signing the contract.  
  At the end of the record life cycle as per retention schedule the record is required to be disposed off or sent to archives for future reference and history. The disposition of records is taken care by shredding to safe guard misuse in future. The rest are moved to company archives or retained with Comlinks in separate archive.  

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