:: Digitization : Business & Transactional Data
Digitization of business or transactional data is the process of converting paper based data into electronic software based database. The paper based data is scanned and sent electronically over the data lines. Our production facility converts or enters the information contained in scanned data files into software based database for mechanized applications by data owners.
  Specific applications in this area include.
Health, Life, Auto and other insurance application forms
Health, Life, Auto and other insurance claim forms
Market research surveys
Traffic summons (tickets) issued by police department
Bank checks and other transactional instruments
Billing statements
Credit card transactions
Project management notes and logs
Environmental test data and logs
Membership forms
User friendly storage and retrieval also substantially reduces the costs of updates, designs and engineering; especially in case of infrastructure related fields such as communications, transportation, electric and water utilities, buildings and urban planning.
    Benefits of Digitizing Business Transactions or Data:
  This allows our clients to reduce costs incurred in duplicating (reprinting) costs. Storage of hard copies can take expensive capital and maintenance expenditure space required to store them for extended period of time.
  An additional advantage is available in that the digitized data can be used for variety of analysis that our clients can use to their benefit when designing future strategies.

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